Atoll Digital Library

Atoll Digital Library

Online collections of ebooks

Atoll Digital Library is an open source platform for building digital library collections.

The application is primarily aimed at literature enthusiasts, researchers, teachers and students because it provides complex indexing and advanced search features. It allows the integration of ePub ebooks and XML documents (XHTML, DocBook, TEI, etc.). The user specifies the items to index, the page breaks and the stylesheets to apply for rendering.

The following digital libraries allow public access
Collection Publisher's site No. of ebooks Language
Atoll - Classic literature 36 English
iBookNook 55 English
La bibliothèque d'ebooks 904 French
Bibliothèque numérique romande 191 French
Bibliothèque russe et slave 173 French
ÉFÉLÉ 406 French
Ebooks libres et gratuits 1450 French
Gloubik Éditions 26 French
To test the administrator mode

For instant access, use the mobile version or the Android application.

If you want to create your own digital library, please register.
We draw your attention to the fact that we do not release the contents of your databases. By creating your profile, you open a private workspace in which you are the only administrator of your documents and collections. If you wish however, you have a system of private links that allows you to give selective access to your collections for consultation with others.

This open source project is available through GitHub.

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